Ingenious ways of making the most of your gardening space.

In the gardening world, perhaps nothing mystifies more than the topic of watering. Questions abound. “How much is too much?” “Too little?” “Are my trees even able to get the water they need?” With Smart Spring™, consider those mysteries solved with products that ensure your greenery is getting just the right amount of water, air and nutrients they require in order to thrive.



SteadySpring by TreeDiaper® Smart 30-Day Watering Mats

Every tree, bush, shrub and plant in your yard is an investment in beautifying your home, enhancing its value and enriching your lifestyle. Make the most of that investment with S.W.I.M., a truly revolutionary product that takes the guesswork out of watering.

Smart 30-Day Watering Mats are engineered to absorb, conserve and slowly use rainwater. Rather than weekly, you’ll find yourself needing to water your newly planted trees and bushes monthly or less. Think of the savings – in water, time, money and the environment. Smart!

  • Absorbs, Stores and Reuses Rainwater over a 30-day period.
  • Nurtures new trees using 99% less water
  • Prevent weeds and other plant life from stealing water, oxygen and nutrients from your trees, bushes and shrubs.
  • Smart Water & Irrigation Management System prevents under or over watering, which could hinder healthy growth.


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Root Flow Irrigation Stake by Smart Spring™

Urban and suburban environments tend to have compact soils and unnatural conditions that aren’t very welcoming to newly planted trees. Compact soil means less oxygen flowing, more competition for nutrients and less natural drainage space for water to reach the depths needed in the soil. In order for young trees to survive those crucial first three years, they need help.

Help is on the way.

Root Flow Irrigation Stakes will provide a channel for air, water and nutrients so tender roots can establish and grow. Install Root Flow Irrigation Stakes and those young trees will soon be breathing freely, eating well and drinking up.

  • Creates a channel for air, water and nutrients to access the soil where new tree roots need to grow.
  • Encourages trees to healthily grow roots outward away from the trunk to help ensure long term survival.
  • Trees grow faster, greener and bigger with the assistance of the RootSource Irrigation Stake.


Instruction Sheet Brochure

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