Ingenious ways of making the most of your gardening space.

Imagine picking tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers right on your back porch. Or adorning your deck with hanging baskets overflowing with flowers. Smart Spring™ makes your green thumb fantasies come true with planters ingeniously designed to grow food, plants or flowers, no matter the space. Big or small. Choose from three product lines.


Smart Spring™ Stackable Garden System

For novice and professional gardeners alike, it’s never been easier to maintain an organic garden or simply live a healthy lifestyle. Vertical gardening allows home gardeners and farmers to grow more using less space. Available in 13” or 18” sizes, these stackable planters can be placed just about anywhere. Stack 3, 4 or more on an apartment balcony. In a backyard greenhouse. On the patio. In a classroom. Then grow to your health’s content, be it herbs, tomatoes, string beans – almost anything! Great for hydroponics, too.





Smart Spring™ Ultimate Hanging Garden

Just the idea of a hanging garden, where you can look up and see beauty – and perhaps pick a few berries while you’re at it – it’s enough to excite and inspire all kinds of DIY projects. Perfect for small space gardening, the Smart Spring™ Ultimate Hanging Garden makes changing your plantings easier than ever. Plant flowers in the center. Or vegetables. Then atop or on the sides, plant herbs, strawberries, peppers and more! The beauty just keeps on burgeoning.

These fuss-free, durable planters are made from 100% recycled resins and UV protected to be used and enjoyed season after season, year after year. Proudly made in the U.S.A.



Hillside Planter-Set of (3) D.I.Y Erosion Control Planter

For the individual homeowner, planting on hills and slopes presents a unique challenge. In the best interests of planet Earth, you want to conserve water. Yet to keep your plants flourishing, you feel you need to increase the amount of water to penetrate the roots, which ends up increasing the amount of runoff and erosion. What a waste! It’s a dilemma the Hillside Planter has been designed to solve.

The Hillside Planter will create a level surface that enables the water to penetrate to the roots, thus saving water – and money.

In using the Hillside Planter, you will...

  • Reduce soil erosion and water runoff by keeping rich soil with the plant
  • Successfully promote strong plant growth and soil stabilization
  • D.I.Y. – no need for expensive retaining walls or mesh jute fabric
  • Conserve water by making sprinkler and drip systems work more efficiently



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