Keeping everything in place, whatever the weather.

You work hard on your yard. Considering the time and energy you spend on it, the last thing you want is to have to do a task all over again. Let the wind blow, the elements do what they do. No worries. Once you finish reseeding or laying down sod, it will all be kept in place with clever, eco-friendly Smart Spring™ staking solutions.

Now relax, enjoy a glass of ice tea and bask in the satisfaction of a job well done. And done!


SmartSpring™ EcoStakes

Secure grass seed blankets, turf, sod and landscape fabrics the safe, eco-friendly way with Smart Spring™ Landscape Stakes. They’re manufactured using a sugar-cane based resin with barbs that collect soil to ensure they remain in the ground. Available in 4” and 8” sizes.

  • Secure grass seed blankets, turf, sod, landscape fabric and more.
  • Safer than steel – no more metal in your yard!
  • Superior Holding Power – ribbed design keeps the stakes where they belong: in the ground.


Heavy Duty Stakes

Safer than metal, these 5” Round Top Stakes are made to take on the jobs that can be tough to pin down. Their ribbed design gives them more holding power, while their circular top lies flush with the ground and provides coverage to secure Weed Barrier, landscape fabric, turf, sod and more. Tough jobs. But these stakes can handle them all.



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