The Heft

The fastest, easiest, most ergonomic secondary handle to use.

Meet the award-winning HEFT. Hands down, it’s the fastest, easiest-to-use secondary handle that may be just what you need to make otherwise back-breaking chores a whole lot easier, reducing pain, fatigue and potential injury.

Take any of your long-handled winter and garden tools. Shovels. Rakes. Spades. In less than one second, the HEFT snaps on and turns them all into ergonomically correct powerhouses of efficiency and safety, enabling you to go about your tasks in a more comfortable, upright position. When the job is done, simply disconnect The HEFT and hang it up next to the rest of your tools, where it will take up very little space.

More HEFT advantages:

  • There are no moving parts to pinch fingers
  • No tools required for attachment
  • No nuts, bolts, washers or screws to lose

Let’s give The HEFT a hand for being one of the most versatile, back-saving products on the market!

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